Dont Use Adbuddiz

2015 08 15 4 Comments

Adbuddiz is a scammer mobile ad company. My game’s impression is almost 2k a day. In admob, my game generates 3-4 dollars a day. But in adbuddiz revenue is awful = 1 dollar a day.

I believe they are scammer because 1k impressions dont equal to 0.11 dollars. (Yesterday revenue and impressions).

I tested adbuddiz 6 days and it gave 6 dollars. It likes a joke 🙂 Admob would give between 18-24 dollars.

Anyway, if you love your game, dont use adbuddiz.

4 responses to “Dont Use Adbuddiz”

  1. Clara Lambert says:

    Hello Ozer,
    I work for the ad-network. I am sorry to read that you are disappointed but I can’t accept you saying that a solution used by more than 20 000 publishers is a scam.

    I think it would be fair to say that 5 days is too short to evaluate the quality of an ad solution, especially when your volume of ad impressions is 2K impressions/day.
    Since a lot of campaigns are CPI based, our algorithm needs a minimum of data to evaluate the specificities of your audience. It is necessary to adjust the visibility of the campaigns accordingly in order to maximize your revenues. I would like to add that our latest SDK proposes now CPM campaigns, which results in a big CPM increase for our publishers.

    Finally, I would be happy to personally look at your apps and give you tips about how to improve your monetization. Feel free to reach our on the support address. If you don’t want to, I wish you good luck with your monetization plans.

  2. Alojamiento says:

    Thanks for the info! I’m currently using startapp and unity ads, and was thinking of including adbuddiz , now i think i’ll put it on hold..

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